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Professional website translation

An online presence is paramount for any business today - the importance of website translation has also increased significantly. We understand the key ingredient of website translation and localization in order to target all your potential customers.

For Hungarian businesses which are expected to provide at least an English and/or German language version as standard, our professional website translation service ensures up-to-date, grammatically correct web presentation to reach native speakers

We translate your website text directly

There's no need to copy the text from the pages of your website, or to copy the translated text back into your files after translation. Linguaprompt employs innovative technologies to translate your website files directly.

The benefits of this approach:

  • There's no need to copy text from and back into files. This helps save significant time and avoid several mistakes.
  • The whole translation process is much simpler, faster-and even cheaper. You don't have to wait for the completion of totally unnecessary processes and pay an extra fee, or waste your time fixing errors caused by such processes.
  • During the translation process, we guarantee to retain the original format of your web pages. For you, it means that we deliver a website which is instantly ready for you to use!

Discounts for repetitions and updates

As a result of using professional translation technologies, Linguaprompt is able to offer you significant discounts for repeat phrases in the text of your web pages: why should you pay, for example, for the translation of "Home Page" on each and every page?

Also, if next time you choose Linguaprompt to update your web pages, we'll give you significant discounts, so that you only pay for the translation of any changes and additions. With the technology we employ we can track changes in the text, but we can also easily implement any modifications to the design in the target language files. This way your web designers don't have to decipher foreign language content, nor will they have to apply changes to each language version separately.

Professional translation at Linguaprompt also means taking extra care and paying particular attention to flow and consistency of the translated text. Our state-of-the-art technology is a great asset in achieving this.

Translation of dynamic websites

The technology used by Linguaprompt makes it simple to translate dynamic web pages or websites containing web applications. Whether the source text is stored in a database or hidden in source code is not a problem for us. With our tools we can sort out exactly what needs be translated - no other text or code is changed.

Native language review

You wouldn't want to see something like "Updated version of this manual can be got from us" on your company's website, would you? The website of your company is your online window to the world, and any mistake would be costly. That's why it is particularly important to ensure that your website is translated professionally. Linguaprompt employs native language testers to guarantee your website not only functions in other languages, but also speaks those languages correctly.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

As part of the translation process, you'll gain the benefit of our localization experience which will help to direct the flow of traffic to your newly translated webpages. Our professional translators will automatically offer advice on key use of words and phrases to position your website favourably among the pages of the most important search engines. These search phrases do not necessarily follow the logic of the original site. As an additional service, we will also optimize your translated web pages. (This is much easier if the original site was also built using this approach. On request we offer consultation on authoring and search engine optimization.)

Professional website translation into multiple languages

By choosing Linguaprompt, you can get your website translated into several languages all at the same time. In under a week your company will be able to boast of a website in four or more languages!

Modifying the home page of your site

Imagine that your entire website has already been professionally translated. How should your visitors select their preferred language? Would it suit your company best to host separate websites under different domains, such as or Or would you rather let your visitors select their language on a single website hosted under We are on hand to advise you during that crucial decision making process and will even help you implement the necessary changes to your main home page

Translation of confirmation e-mails

If your company runs an e-commerce website, you will most likely use automated response e-mails for your customers. It is particularly important to employ professional translation services for these pieces of communication as they represent the first direct interaction between you and your customers either directly after they have made their first purchase or possibly even before... In the case of multi-language websites, we strongly recommend the professional translation of these e-mails as well.

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