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Our Experience



We have translated e-mails, articles, contracts, financial reports, brochures, user manuals, company policies, marketing materials, entire homepages, software and games.

Most often we work with Word and HTML files, but PDFfiles, as well as documents generated in Excel and Powerpoint applications are also common. We also translate files created in professional desktop publishing applications (e.g. Adobe InDesign), and use several types of specialist software for facilitating the translation.



Our fields of expertise are as follows: information technology, entertainment electronics, medical and pharmaceutical translations, natural sciences, automotive industry, technology translations, legal, economical and financial translations, marketing.

We work in several languages. The most important are: English, German, French, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Russian, Romanian, Croatian, Slovenian.



It is often the case that we only need to translate a few words. It also happens that these few words are based on a pun which only sounds well in a particular language. In such cases it is our task to ensure that we can create the same atmosphere with our translation.

In other cases we deal with huge assignments: when translating manuals of several hundred pages, entire homepages, or the material of one-week trainings, excellent organization, discipline and communication between translators is of utmost importance. Without these, consistency cannot be achieved.


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