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Cost-effective translation of catalogues and other publications

Cost-effective translation of catalogues and other publications

Most companies have several documents which are not only thoughtfully written but have also been carefully designed and polished for publication, such as product catalogues, brochures, flyers, company presentations and training materials.

If you would like to have these translated we suggest that you consider the following:

  1. In most cases literal translation simply will not work! The text should address customers in the appropriate tone, and you need your documents to gain the trust of your customers. Marketing departments spend a lot of time creating each product brochure, praising the products in an almost artistic manner. Literal translation simply can't reflect all the extra effort, nor the underlying meaning which should make the product desirable in the eyes of the customer.
  2. The format of your translated document should match that of the original document. In many cases, this is achieved by tedious manual copying and re-formatting of the translated text, causing significant extra effort for desktop publishing professionals. The fact that they are forced to do their job in a foreign language context makes the process even more difficult.

At Linguaprompt we are able to translate your documents in a professional manner and also significantly facilitate the post-formatting of your documents.

We preserve the original format

There are many publication types that Linguaprompt can translate while preserving the original format of the file. When you provide us with the source file (be it FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXpress, etc.), we will translate the text of the document and return a translated document which will almost completely match the format of the original file.

Each text box and every graphics will remain in its original position. Every font will match the original. The layout will match the original document even in the finest details.

We can even translate most PDF documents while keeping every background image and the page layout intact.

Minimal risk of errors

As a result of working with the source document, we can reduce the possibility of human errors to the minimum. Thanks to the professional translation technologies used by Linguaprompt, there's no need to copy the text from and back into the documents. (The same as for websites.)

Reduced cost, faster translation

By means of our advanced technologies, Linguaprompt can offer you reduced rates for the translation of your publications: some steps in the traditional translation process are fully eliminated, which means less cost and waiting on your side. We will not charge any extra fees for the above benefits-they are all covered by our base word rate.

Discounts for repetitions and updates

As a result of using professional translation technologies, Linguaprompt is in the position to offer you significant discounts for any repeat phrases in the text of your publications: why should you pay, for example, for the translation of the same footnotes on each page?

Also, if you choose Linguaprompt to translate your documents or catalogues in the future again, we will give you significant discounts for the updates. You only pay for the translation of any changes and additions.

Professional translation at Linguaprompt also means taking extra care and paying particular attention to keeping translated text consistent. Our state-of-the-art technology is a great asset in achieving this.

Table of contents or index? No problem

Most large documents contain some automatically generated sections, such as a table of contents, an index, a bibliography or cross-references in the document. During the translation process these sections are completely preserved, so all you have to do is update them in your desktop publishing software.

time is money

How all this works

Our workflow process is exceptionally simple:

  1. You send us the document to be translated. After the analysis of the document, we provide you with a quote and a suggested deadline.
  2. Using our special tools we export the translatable text from the file and complete the translation.
  3. We import the translated text back into the source file, apply the finishing touches and return the translated document to you.

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