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Translation services for private individuals

There are several situations in life when even an individual may need professional translation services, such as when you need to arrange translation of official documents, court documents, your own intellectual work (e.g. a dissertation), or documents for the following purposes: your private business or hobby, visiting your relatives abroad, research of family history, international studies of children, arranging insurance after an accident abroad or related to an illness, etc.

Choosing Linguaprompt means a number of benefits for you..

Why choose a translation agency?

Linguaprompt is always available, because we have a large pool of professional translators. Linguaprompt provides fast services, as more translators can work on the same job at the same time. Our agency speaks every language: we translate into more than 40 languages. Linguaprompt is an expert in several fields, because we assign translators with subject matter expertise to each project.

Linguaprompt can undertake special tasks such as desktop publishing, pre-press preparation or even press printing for your documents. Linguaprompt completes quality assurance checks on every translation project - checks most people haven't even heard of. Linguaprompt also offers editing and revision services to clients. Linguaprompt employs technologies which save time and effort for you (for more information, please refer to the Professional website translation and Translation of publications sections).

Can a translation agency be the more affordable choice?

At Linguaprompt, we are committed to making our professional translation services affordable for individuals, too. That's why we keep our prices as low as possible while also offering various discount schemes to our clients.

For example, we provide discounted rates for any repetitions in the text and if you choose us as your translation provider in the future, you won't have to pay again for what we have already translated for you. If the source document you hand us for translation is a PDF file which can't be edited directly, we won't charge you any extras for its conversion.

You have most likely encountered amazing deals which were simply too good to be true. Linguaprompt provides you with an accurate quote right up front, and we always stick to that later - there are no hidden costs for you.

Furthermore, we provide an accuracy guarantee for all of our translations.

Certified translations

Several public authorities and institutions in Hungary require the submission of a certified translation (also called attested translation) of your documents for certain procedures (e.g. academic recognition of diplomas, birth registration cases, recognition of driving licenses etc.). The same way, foreign authorities may require a certified translation of documents issued in Hungary (e.g. academic certificates for working abroad).

It is important to note that according to current law, certified translations into Hungarian may be prepared only by OFFI (National Office for Translation and Attestation). Translation of documents related to company registration processes (deed of association, memorandum of general meeting, specimen signature, certificate of registration, etc.) is an exception to the above rule, hence a certified translation of such documents may also be prepared by Linguaprompt Ltd.

If you need to get a document translated from Hungarian into a foreign language, the process is much simpler. Foreign authorities usually recognize a translation as being authentic if it is prepared by an authorized individual or a company (such as Linguaprompt Ltd.) and if the document comes with an attached authentication clause. In such cases we attach the translation completed by us, plus the authentication clause issued by us to the original document. We will issue authentication clauses only to translations made by us.

Please always inquire beforehand and make sure that the foreign authority in question recognizes translations with an authentication clause issued by a translation agency as authentic.

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