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Can you also translate text that appear in pictures and animations?

Yes, if you provide us with the source files (e.g. PhotoShop, Flash, etc.) for such pictures/animations, otherwise we are happy to co-operate with your graphics artists and/or web developers. If for any reason this is not possible, then we will suggest a customized solution for you.

Can you also translate web pages not accessible by ordinary visitors?

Certainly! However, to translate such web pages, we'll need assistance from your web developers.

Do you use machine translation technology?

No. In each and every case, translation is carried out by experienced human professional translators, native revisers and reviewers, who use software programs to quickly identify any repeat phrases in the source text.

What is the payment structure?

At Linguaprompt, payment is always based on the original (source) word count and the services selected by you. When you contact us for a quote, we will provide you with the accurate original word count, and also indicate any discounts that may be applied for repetitions, so you can calculate your costs up-front.

And what about additional request which can't be measured by word count? How do you charge for those?

For such tasks, we usually quote on an hourly basis.




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