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Translation Packages

Depending on your purpose, we offer you various translation packages. Please find below the details of our packages.


E.g. translation of internal communication materials, tender publications, tax authority certificates

Basic translation = translation + verifications

  • Translation
    Our qualified translators duly translate the material to the requested language. They take care so that the translation reflects the original in terms of content, that no errors remain in the translation, and the text sounds appropriate as well.

    Our software not only eliminates typos, but also verifies the uniform application of terminology. Furthermore, it ensures that numbers and figures should not accidently change during translation.


E.g. translation of contracts, financial reports, web pages

Reviewed translation = basic translation + review + consultation

  • Review
    Our reviewers check the translated material thoroughly. They compare the original text with the translation to ensure that it corresponds with the original text both in terms of contents and style, and correct any errors occurring.

    Our experiences project managers advise you on which factors you should consider when submitting your order for the translation.


E.g. translation and printing of brochures, dubbing videos, software localization

Customized solutions tailored to your needs.

  • If translation is foreign terrain for you, and you need advice, consult our colleagues, some of whom have 15-20 years of translation project management experience.

  • Verification by native speakers
  • Native speakers ensure that the text sounds as if it had been written in the desired language originally.

  • Desktop publishing,
    preparation for printing, printing
  • Upon your request we translate, edit, print and deliver your brochure in several languages.

  • Translation of entire homepages

    In addition to translating into several languages, we implement the transformation of Flash animations, or slight changes of the programming code as well.

    In addition we offer you a number of other services, including dubbing and software localization.

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