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Our Team



Fluent as natives.

Linguaprompt works with experienced, trained, professional native translators, whose work by itself guarantees quality.

For us, the diversity of the professional experience and the personality of our translators are values to be preserved. Among the members of our team we have IT specialist mathematician, journalist, marketing professional, physician, economist, lawyer, sports shooter, musician, photographer and sportsman. Their qualification is similarly many-coloured, most of their degrees are related to technology, information technology, linguistics or translation.



Language specialists of fields of expertise.

Reviewers assure the quality and stylish composition of the translations, as well as adherence to the contents and preservation of the original style. Furthermore, they verify the correct spelling, the grammar and the uniform use of terminology.

Their tasks include the evaluation and training of translators as well. Our reviewers are devoted and agile. Many of them specialize in one or more fields of expertise, thus ensuring the accuracy of the translated materials. E.g., one of our reviewers is polishing and developing his medical vocabulary in cooperation with an ambulance paramedic, and several of our reviewers are recognized experts of their chosen fields.



Where all roads cross.

Like a foundation when building a house, appropriate preparation is crucial when arranging a translation. Project managers assess the orders received, they provide suggestions for the recommended workflow. Project managers assemble the team, they coordinate the work, and in the end ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

Linguaprompt's project managers have almost 100 years of work experience together. Project management work is one of the major strenghts of Linguaprompt. Several of our employees teaches the subject at university level, and utilizes his/her expertise in everyday work.


Our Background Materials

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